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How to Register Yourself for the E-Hunar Program Online Courses

eHunar – Free Online Courses Registration Start 2024

E-Hunar Program Pakistan has made acquiring the latest IT equipment paramount to secure a prosperous musk bill in the global market in the ever-evolving digital landscape as the world goes digital.

And mastering modern technology in our sector is also important for our Pakistanis and improves economic development.

 It is very important to attract investment and increase productivity. The program offered by PHP State Insurance aims to equip the youth with the latest technology skills so that they can play a prominent role in the technology world.

How to Register Yourself for the E-Hunar Program Online Courses

We will tell you about your eligibility information and complete the application process Complete and comprehensive guidance on how to register for the e-skills program will be provided by the Government of Pakistan

How to Register Yourself for the E-Hunar Program Online Courses

If you want to register in e-skills The program is a program where you can participate in the digital program by registering yourself And can better prepare your world for the world itself

What is the E-Hunar Program?

The Skills Program powered by PHP STATE is designed to equip the youth of Pakistan with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital age. A good program is this step that identifies key skills that are important in the world

These are always in demand in the recruitment job market and because of which people have progressed till now. By ensuring that students understand the course well enough to excel in their chosen fields.

By adopting the programme, individuals contribute to the development of a skilled workforce. Promoting economic and social development is the main objective of the E hunar program. The youth who are looking for their employment after their graduation and education. So they can adopt this program and know themselves as a sister and youth

Eligibility Criteria for E-Hunar

Before applying for this general program the aspirants have to fulfill the specific eligibility requirements which have been set by the Government of Pakistan.

  • Educational Qualification The applicant should have at least Matriculation
  • ENTRANCE TEST A mandatory entrance test is administered to assess the applicant’s eligibility and readiness for the program
  • Minimum Marks Candidate must secure minimum marks up to 40% in Entry Test
  • Meeting these criteria demonstrates a commitment to learning and a genuine interest in acquiring the IT skills necessary for a successful future.Also if you belong to a poor family. And even if you have a good background in education, you can join this program

How to Register Yourself for the E-Hunar Program?

The registration procedure in e-skills program is made very easy, you just have to follow few simple steps to submit your application  After that your requirement is collected and your chances of registration also increase

  • Go to the official website To sign up, access the official website of the e-skills program of the Government of Pakistan
  • Find the application form and fill in the personal and detailed information as per the instructions to submit the correct information as required.
  • Submit Application After getting permission click on submit button to submit your application And your request has been sent
  • And you will get a confirmation message on your mobile number
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Required Documents for E-Hunar Application Login Portal

  • Make sure you have all these documents ready to make the application smooth
  • Proof of education from relevant educational certificates such as matriculation marks
  •  Identification Submit a copy of your national identity card or another government-issued identification card
  • Passport size photo of recent passport size for ID card purposes i.e. for identification purpose
How to Register Yourself for the E-Hunar Program Online Courses
Phone Numbers042-37495999, 042-37495958
Head Office AddressSector -B, Askari XI, Lahore 54000
LocationLahore, Pakistan


Is the eHunar program online or offline?

This is Online program and You can get class daily basics online and Become a skill full man 

Can I take online classes in Pakistan?

Yes, You can get Online classes online easily and This is very easy And simple Apply in E hunar and get online classes 


The e-skills program is designed to represent an incredible opportunity for aspirants to equip themselves with the necessary e-team skills and secure a promising future in the digital age.

By following all the information provided you can check your eligibility criteria and get your registration done. You can also submit your application for the program with your success

And can start their journey towards entrepreneurial growth and success. Connect with PHP registration and contribute to building skilled manpower that will strengthen future generations economically and socially. And it will help you to move forward. Don’t worry register yourself for the e-skills program. And We are on my way to a happy self-sufficient and dignified future

3 Months Certification Courses

  • Flutter Apps (Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps)
  • UI / UX Designing
  • The Complete Youtube Mastery
  • Adobe AfterEffects (Motion Graphics & Animations)
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • AWS FBA Business
  • MS Office
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PHP Laravel
  • Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)
  • Python for Everyone
  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Cisco CCNA (R&S)
  • Shopify Dropshipping
  • AWS Virtual Assistant
  • Video Editing